for all of the times
she did not do what she should
and she should
trading pride for just a look
falling down
and she should
everything and nothing
all at once
standing still thinking
and she should
wading through memories stained
choking on her vines
silence hurts
and she should
doing unimaginable deeds
shrugging shoulders
heavy sigh
and she should
take care in the night
the darkness has claws
so many things
she should
so many things
she does
and she should


3 thoughts on “SHE SHOULD

  1. Samia says:

    This is great!

  2. quarksire says:

    welp, whomever dat guy waz dat said “time is jest an illusion”
    he was full of …well………… ha……..must be that darklight lol….
    yes great retro-here! indeeD! ….ponderables…4 da mind….

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