7 thoughts on “banksy

  1. chris jensen says:

    Killing people is necessary at times,… It like Presidential decision, some make that kind of call every day…. Some for the wrong reasons…

    Kiss darling chris

    • quarksire says:

      i have 2 wunder who the hell made san ur darling anyhow huh jensen?
      an if ya have something negative to say wtf are u doing re-blogging her finds anyhow…i say go find ur own shit! can’t u find ur own stuff to post!
      ur form of harassment an intruding on others lives is jest that….an i am sure she is getting quite tired of it! i know i am! an i am jest a friend! she has mentioned many times for u to quit acting nuts in her blog werld here but u insist!? when she ain’t ur babe er darling! lucky she don’t block ya ….sincerely Q 🙂

  2. andyzootie says:

    love this and perfect timing being its remembrance day (ANZAC day) here..

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