THIS (for Willy)

sometimes I post things twice for reasons


This is the letter you’ll never see
The one that won’t be sent
For it has nowhere to go my love
Since your life has reached its end

This is the shirt you’ll never wear
The one that’s in my hand
The one that I won’t buy today
For it has no plans

This is the place you’ll never sit
To ponder thoughts anew
My eyes can’t gaze upon your face
As they are want to do

Our hands will never touch again
Our arms will not embrace
Our story ended here
Not fair
It seems I’ll never love again
I’m all used up
You hear?

These are the words you’ll never hear
Hanging in the air
A burden just for me it seems
One that I can’t share

And these words you’ll never read
Though I want you to the most
A hollow, useless wanton creed
Of some unspoken…

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