some of my work was published before I had new followers so I thought I would share it again


Don’t forget about that little fucker the dictator pen…we’ve spoken of this before…he hijacks your thoughts and words and keeps them at bay with his yellow plastic cocktail sword and battalion of eraser soldiers…congratulations you have writers block unless you want to literally write more about the darkness and how you never run out of words for the all encompassing darkness…it’s bottomless and where all good words go to die as soon as they leave your pen…i can feel the exact section of my brain that is currently running my life…i can feel it…i can feel myself think…tick, tick, tick, we cannot be having that…and there are so few ways to stop the ticking…a distraction worthy of its precious time, the chemicals…the pen and I do mean literally writing with pen and paper until my fingers, wrists, arms are cramped and shaking…now it’s worthy of you…

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