13 thoughts on “mmm hmm

  1. steele646 says:

    Hmmm, I liked this but I have bad teeth and can not sing, have been celibate since 1999. But heck, i’ll not spoil it for anyone else…

  2. steele646 says:

    end of long relationship. No need for more. Then really learnt to appreciate and love all women for themselves without man clutter. Works for me.

  3. steele646 says:

    um.. I am a male, who has learnt to think with heart and mind and not penis. I am flattered you think I may be girl or trans, and you made me smile…

  4. steele646 says:

    65 this year… although keep age secret. I do not act age, possibly arrested development… (celibacy gets easier with wrinkles, forgetfulness and I forgot what I was going to say)…Ego would not answer that question with such honesty…

  5. steele646 says:

    My prior was a face of chain, never do photo’s, but recently did on a few posts, but have changed my site as I was hacked by someone? and took photos off to annoy NSA… anonymous is OK but would post photo if you require to see what I am… not afraid of my look but always it has been about the words and art (all my work) that’s all.

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