because that’s not scary at all 


4 thoughts on “because that’s not scary at all 

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    LOL…this reminds me of a strory I heard about some “unethical interrogations” in a major city’s police department. When I was going through the police academy, the instructors were explaining the difference between coerced confessions and freely given ones and used an extreme example of coerced – especially when it comes to good cop bad cop.

    \Apparently, at one time, many years ago…lol… There was a police department that was getting all of these confessions. The suspects would end up in the interrogation room with a detective who would question them, but no confession. Then he would leave and in the door on the other side another cop would enter wearing a pink bunny costume and proceed to give the suspect a thumping, then the rabbit left and the original detective would enter and ask questions again. This would go on and on until eventually the suspect would tell the detective what they wanted to hear. And when the suspect would try and get his confession thrown out, it would get denied because no one would believe they got their asses kicked by a big pink rabbit.

    Eventually, all the cops involved got caught and in trouble.

  2. needhamb says:

    Oh crap! Who would do that to a kid? We’re messed up by happenstance. This will ensure it.
    By the way, a giant rabbit tried to kill me one night. My father couldn’t find it. He must have been blind as a bat because it was huge.

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