Check it out…it’s totally worth it…and I’m affected…I can’t figure out how to put the picture here…we’re all going to die and its my fault…but before we do…let’s share this moment…



There’s always fighting…but for what and why…art first it’s the little things why can’t I ducking sheep, fucking sleep…why do I think like this, bi polar, stupid medicine…could be worse…have sex…Now what…WordPress…Three and a Half Men, so dang funny…Chowder…Adventure time…Ok…if only he would fucking sleep upstairs…BIGFOOT?, Survivorman?…Ok it would be funny if Bear Grylls parachuted out of the sky and kicked his ass…Turtleman?…Moonshiners? Fuck me.  I think I will.  How are we married?..


She cries
he died at three
what did he do but live?
life is cruel and harsh
to the smallest and kindest of all
reasons obscure and elusive
our hearts hide reason from mind
madness abounds
how can it be she asks herself?
over and over and over
his face so innocent
small body battered and bruised
bleeding openly for all to see
beaten and abused by those in authority
those supposed to love and care for him
is there a purpose here?
But this, this small miracle
and that day was made bigger yet
than those huge monsters before him
his faith larger than life
his profound last words
“I’m going to tell God.”
who taught this beautifully broken
perfectly innocent
battered and bleeding
Buddha at three
there was a God?
are you ashamed?
were they ashamed now and finally?
I imagine not.
let us all wish them each a special place
an extremely, excruciatingly special, special, place the bolgia of
the eigth circle of Dante’s Inferno
for eternity
where, perhaps we all should reside
as we sit in pampered places
were they of cardboard and paste
it’s not even rutting like pigs
and procreating when compassion
and kindness are fucking free
God, Lao Tzu, Mother Theresa, Lincoln,
King and Einstein, shit the Pope
have been telling us for years
but our skin is thick
and our eyes are blind
the straight and narrow path
the good Lord speaks of
well we have warped and twisted that
toward our bent and selfish purpose
so long as we get ours
and things aren’t always good
but our standard are whack
so go little disciple
from your mouth to His ear
go tell God
tell God everything


The rain falls
on my face
you kiss my forehead
your hands on me
our bodies close
it is hot and sticky
I feel you breathe
we touch
the rain falls
you kiss my bottom lip
you take me in and linger
I open my eyes
I see you
looking into me
we smile
it’s perfect