requiem for an alcoholic (requiem for me)

a mug of coffee

full of wine

it’s 6:17 am

nothing but time

hope floats on thin air

whispering promises

above me

were it anything but lies

on the bottom of

a fake cup of coffee

on a fake morning

fake online


tick tock

mind the time

and a mug of coffee

full of wine

it’s 6:18 am


the tunnel


the tunnel

there is no light

in the tunnel

cloying sticky fingers reach

like so many barbs piercing flesh

black blood shining

like so much broken glass

reflected in the eye

there is no depth

in the tunnel

all float aimlessly

like so many feathers

tarred and seeping down walls

where is the ceiling

where is the floor

there is no end

to the tunnel

a vacuum

a void

an oblivion

do not stand still

in the tunnel

there are no human sounds

in the tunnel

for ray

by skm